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Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape

Terra Azul/Conservation International

The waters and the Pacific coast of Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica come together to create a seascape that is rich in biodiversity and unique underwater geology. The Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape consists of the coastal regions of these four nations, thier five islands and archipelagos, and the waters connecting them in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. The islands that dot the Seascape are Equador's Galapagos Islands, Colombia's Gorgona and Malpelo Islands, Panama's Coiba Island, and Costa Rica's Cocos Island.

The Betlach Family Foundation helped to fund the making of a six minute video, detailed bathymetry maps, and a CD-ROM profiling this region, including the history, geology, flora & fauna, and human impact on all regions of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape. These media pieces were handed out as a package at the World Park Congress held September 2003, a conference that convenes every ten years in South Africa.

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