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In and about the Village: Cutting edge has cake, eats it

La Jolla Golden Triangle | Wednesday, May 9, 2001
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Betlach Family Foundation

Walker Art Center Calendar and Newsletter | February 2001
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Tangled abstractions of time: Asian contemporary art tentatively keeps its eye on the clock

Subject: Time After Time: Asia and Our Moment
Kenneth Baker | San Francisco Chronicle (online) | May 1, 2003
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The Art of the Matter: Tradition and progress collide in "Time After Time: Asia and Our Moment," a new exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Subject: Asia and Our Moment
Bill Picture | San Francisco Examiner, Arts and Culture | April 28, 2003
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Academic Pursuit: Getting poop on Pachyderms can be hard at Elephant U – Students in Ghana track droppings, footprints to count elusive subjects

Subject: Forest Elephants
Roger Thurow | Wall Street Journal, A1 | November 27, 2002
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Painting at the Edge of the World: Graphic Design Honorable Mention

Subject: Painting at the Edge of the World
ID Magazine 2001 Design Review | August 2001
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